Lockdown Portraits in Brussels



Lockdown Portraits in Brussels


I'm a photographer from Brussels and just before the lockdown I decided to become a self-employed, full-time photographer. Given that at that time I was especially photographing larger events and weddings, the timing wasn't great. But little did I know. So to remain active as a photographer, I cycled all around Brussels to make lockdown portraits of the inhabitants and I gathered their testimonials to go along the photos. In the meantime the series features about 500 portraits of people with different ages, different cultural backgrounds, and different social structures (families, couples, flatmates, singles...). Several exhibitions have taken place and other are still planned for the upcoming months. At the end, a book will be published where the photos + testimonials will appear in chronological order, thereby displaying the evolution of the lockdown throughout the seasons. (Feel free to let me know if you'd like to have a copy.)

More info & examples on my website: https://lenoirphotography.be/media/


Since march 2020 - until the end of the lockdown


Photos + testimonials from the inhabitants of Brussels

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