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Welcome to the coronarchive … 

… a growing collection of your experiences, thoughts, media and memories during the “corona crisis”. Why? The pandemic is affecting each and every one of us. We are all living through immense changes, but everyone experiences the situation in their own way. We have launched the coronarchive project to document this diverse present and preserve it for future generations. The pandemic will be over one day. How we will be remembering and discussing the “corona crisis” after that day depends entirely on what will be left of it. The coronarchive aims to conserve the entire spectrum of experiences and situations in all its complexity. Sharing is caring—become a part of history! You can follow us on social media, too.

What is the coronarchive?

The coronarchive is a freely accessible, open online portal that welcomes anyone’s contribution. Its purpose is to collect, archive, contextualize and exhibit personal memories and memorabilia from the time of the coronavirus pandemic. The archive can include anything that is available in a digital or digitizable format: texts (journals, letters, emails, poems, newspaper and magazine articles, shopping lists, reports, signs, warnings, regulations), photographs, drawings, illustrations, videos, chats, social media posts, voice messages, songs, lectures and anything else that is relevant.

The coronavirus pandemic: a common denominator

Social distancing, contagion, lockdowns: the novel coronavirus has fundamentally changed the way we live, work and interact. The pandemic and its consequences are already considered a historic event. So far, nobody knows where we will go from here—or when. Corona affects us all, but our specific situations vary widely. And we all handle it in very different ways.

What is the purpose of the coronarchive?

A diverse society needs diverse memories. We all know that history tends to be told unequally, from the top down. That is why we have to start capturing and archiving the diverse voices and experiences of our society during the pandemic as early as possible. The pandemic will be over one day. How we will be remembering and discussing the “corona crisis” after that day depends entirely on the memoirs that will be left. The coronarchive is intended as an accurate snapshot of the present that preserves and illustrates the plurality and diversity of the situation for the future.

Who can contribute to the coronarchive?

Anyone! The coronarchive relies on voluntary coronarchivists who look for stories and objects, help us translate the platform and its contents into other languages, and raise awareness of our project in the social media.